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Home inspection

Premium Home Inspections is dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive home inspection, whether it is for an inspection of a house, a condo, a multi-family living situation, or a commercial property, we are the professionals to call.

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Other Services Offered

Radon Testing

Testing your home for radon is very important when buying or selling a home or property. Radon dubbed the “silent killer” is a naturally occurring odorless radioactive element that, if left unchecked, can lead to dramatic health issues over time.

Sewer Scans

You shouldn’t have to guess what the cause is if you are having sewer issues. With fascinating new technology, we can perform a sewer scan in no time and determine what may be causing you problems with your pipes.

Mold Testing

With mold allergies on the rise in children and adults, it’s never too late to determine how much and what kind of mold is on your property. Ridding your property of mold will improve your long-term respiratory health and the health of your children and pets.

Water Testing

It’s easy to take running water for granted. You may have never wondered what’s in your water but the reality is that water systems across the country suffer from contamination. Safe methods of home-based water treatment exist and if a water test shows troubling signs, we can offer some simple solutions for purifying the water you drink and shower with.

Home Sanitation

We know that life can really get in the way of things and sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to clean up as you’d like. No matter the reason, we offer cleaning solutions for your home or business. Just tell us when and we’ll be ready to clean and disinfect your space.